Christmas Party Stylin’ βœ¨

Hello everyone! 

Firstly, let me introduce myself, I am Nikita and I run AccentsUK (pouty-selfie below πŸ˜„ – just look at all that glitter!😍).

This post is on how I styled my Christmas Party outfit. Over the festive season I was all about glitter and sequins so as soon as the words ‘Christmas Party’ were mentioned I knew exactly what I wanted to wear 🀩.

The tricky part was how I would style it; I knew that with all the sequins on the dress I couldn’t go overboard with accessories as I’d look like a πŸŽ„ Christmas Tree πŸŽ„ myself but then I also couldn’t go too minimal as that wouldn’t balance right. After looking at our collection and all the choice, I felt that the beautiful white stone Vaani (VAA001) were the perfect match. 

Vaani has stunning white stones that are super sparkly with the ideal length for the occasion. The elongated simple design works really well against the horizontal stripes of the sequins on the dress. Both detail designs in terms of the dress and earrings have a similarity in that their patterns are a simple repeated shape; with the sequins on the dress all being rounded evenly spaced and placed facing one direction and the almond/almost ‘leaf’ like shapes of Vaani are of the same size repeated in the same direction too.

Mirror-selfie as you do…

A black dress (/LBD) is probably one of the more simpler things to match accessories to, it’s just usually difficult to get the right balance of sparkles to complement the particular dress and the occasion perfectly. I loved this outfit; I already can’t wait to wear it again! ✨

I hope you enjoyed this first piece 😊. I’d love your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Me above, enjoying the unlimited champagne on the night πŸ’ƒ

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