Awards evening look 🏆

I’m going to firstly talk about the SHE Awards evening and then about how I styled my look. I add links to everyones pages I mention on here so just click on their name and you will be taken to their social media/website.

The SHE- Awards Saluting, Honouring, Excellence…an incredible event created by Sharifa & Imdad Basit.

Just look at that stunning ombre flower wall!

This event is to celebrate the achievements of women and what better time than to have it on the International Women’s Day weekend. I was very excited to attend this event as I knew I would be in the energy of amazing inspiring women. The awards took place at The Grove Banqueting in Romford RM3, when I walked in to the venue I was stunned! The whole set up was beautiful; the decor was pink of course with soft florals everywhere, I especially loved the flower wall on the stage, this was all created by the amazing events team Sapphire London Group. Once everyone was seated it was show-time, the awards ceremony started!

Of course id sneak a picture of my name on screen!

I would just like to take a moment to congratulate all of the winners and the nominees, you are all amazing and I learnt about so many new businesses and people on the night, honestly it was so inspiring. I was actually a finalist in the Remarkable Woman category, which was an insane achievement in itself for me. I have never put myself forward for anything, but I told myself 2019 would be different.. I would step outside of my comfort zone and do things that scared me, and I did, and I would like to thank the SHE Awards for making me a finalist.

After the Awards Ceremony, dinner was served by Sultan Event Caterers, they provided a balanced mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with just the right amount of spice 👌🏽. We were then entertained by the super talented Navin Kundra, his performance has been one of the best I have seen in a while; he has an amazing voicehave a listen to his Hindi cover version of Perfect by Ed Sheeran (you will see what I mean!). He was accompanied by his also very talented and stunning wife Jasmine Kundra who gave out a selection of the awards on the night (power couple!💛), you must recognise her from being a candidate in The Apprentice 2018! After Navin Kundra’s performance we had the Radhika Maya dancers in red which entertained everyone with their amazing moves and energy 🤩! I have to admit, I’m not a dancer and had to shuffle back later on when ladies were being taken on stage…my two-step move is definitely one to only be enjoyed hiding within a (big) crowd 😅. Overall, this was a great event and it was great to meet so many incredible women! I’m already looking forward to the next SHE-Awards! I’m looking forward to

My look for the evening 👗

I uploaded a picture the other day on Instagram of my look. I chose to go with a green dress; I love this shade of green and the subtle floral print. When searching for a dress, I wanted something dark as I like those shades for evening events, but I also wanted to make sure it was something comfortable and also light. I ordered about 10 dresses, and then settled for this from ASOS by GIRL IN MIND . The material was good quality and easy to iron, the fit was perfect, and it also worked well with my body shape as the flare sleeves and waist tailoring balance out my pear shape; I instantly felt comfortable. In terms of accessories I knew I was going to wear AccentsUK earrings, but I would pick those after I had found a dress. I know that when curating my collections, I have made sure that they are fusion and multi wearable so you don’t only buy a pair of earrings to match one outfit, but one that can match a few and different outfits so I knew I would easily be able to find a pair of earrings that would match.

A close up of the dress in daylight to see the material.

If you’ve read a previous styling blog post of mine, you know that when I style AccentsUK with outfits there is a lot of thought behind everything! Firstly, I take a note of the type of event and the make-up look I want to go for, then I match accordingly. Out of my Glam collection, I wore V a a n i – green; I love their length, they give me the right amount of sparkle as the dress was high neck and plain in terms of design. Their leaf-like design matches perfectly with the floral print on my dress without taking over and the green stone complements the green of the dress and goes well with my smokey eye make-up look I went for that evening.

Another pair of earrings that would have given the green and worked well would be T a n i s i – green. Alternatively, if I was to wear this dress for a casual dinner party and wanted a subtler look, I would pair it with the S a r i k a • – gold earrings.

I’d love to know your thoughts on my look and would love your suggestions on any other pieces from my collection/s you think would have worked too.

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