Holidaying in Dubai ☀️

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re well 😊.

As you may have seen from my stories and posts on both Facebook & Instagram, I recently came back from a mini holiday to Dubai ☀️. It was the perfect break and couldn’t have come at a more fitting time for me personally; we get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we’re just running from one place to another that sometimes we just need to take a step and pause right there. Being with some of my favourite people, in a different country and with all that sunshine and heat was just 👌🏽.

And…of course, AccentsUK came with me 🙋🏽‍♀️! I genuinely love all of the collections that I have released so far this year that jewellery packing was the only part of packing I was excited to do …everything else took a lot of convincing for me to do 🙈. I took an assortment of pieces knowing that I’d be able to mix and match them with my outfits.

Our How to Accent blog space here is to inspire you on how to wear our pieces and also talk about topics that are close to AccentsUK as a brand. This post today is based around styling and will have a breakdown of a few of my looks while I was away to show what I wore, why and which earrings I paired with my outfits.

Look one:

This first look was a day look as we were going to the brunch at Saffron, Atlantis. If you haven’t been before, the brunch is basically a day party, with a DJ, unlimited food and drinks for a whole afternoon. I went for a lace green dress with ¾ length sleeves and wore flat sandals for this as I wanted to feel comfortable knowing we would be out for the afternoon. With this green dress I paired our ᛫ S a r i k a – Grey ᛫ earrings, these earrings are a custom design of mine from our Simple collection and have been best sellers from the moment they were released, and it’s easy to see why with how easily they match with so many things! So, with my hair being curled and full of volume and my dress having a high neck line I needed a pair of earrings that would be the right length but also not too overpowering as I didn’t want the lace of the dress to then blend away either or for me to look suffocated with too much going on in that region. These earrings were the perfect match as they were light to wear and really complemented the outfit.

Look two:

This was a very casual lounging look; we got back from the brunch, changed into lighter clothing and just wanted to chill on our balcony for a few hours before our evening plans. I totally forgot to take off my ᛫ S a r i k a – Grey ᛫ earrings and noticed after how nicely they matched even with the casual dress I put on.

Look three:

This late afternoon/evening we went to the Dubai Mall which has the water fountain show (-just stunning!), the aquarium and of course, Sephora! I wore red trousers with a simple white ribbed top; these trousers are actually meant to be culottes but with my height any regular fit culottes are always going to end up being wide leg trousers for me. I paired these with my ᛫ S a u m y a – Gold & Yellow ᛫ tassel earrings from my handmade Tassels collection; these are another custom designed collection. I chose this beautiful colour as it adds a nice contrast against the red and gives a bit of texture to the overall look. Another reason I took my tassel earrings with me to Dubai was to test and see how I felt wearing them in 40+ degree heat, as usually in those temperatures you feel more frustrated and want to be in the lightest things possible. However, considering their luxurious material they still felt fun and light to wear that I had no problem wearing them in that heat over a long period of time.

Look four:

This was our last night in Dubai. We went to Mina A’Salam where we took a gondola to this amazing Thai restaurant, the views while on the way to the restaurant were just stunning that I was in complete awe as you saw on my stories at the time. This evening was a celebratory evening but we also wanted to keep it comfortable and casual so I needed a look that would be balanced to fit the occasion. I opted for a cotton blue and white striped dress and paired it with our ᛫ A m b u j a ᛫ hoop earrings from our most recent Silver collection. I feel like I have said this for all of our earrings so far, but these were also so light and comfortable to wear. The size of the hoops and the detailing worked perfectly with my dress and for the evening.

If you have holiday looks with our pieces, do share them with us, I always love receiving all the beautiful pictures and also  seeing how you’ve styled your purchases.

What look was your favourite? Comment below 😊👇🏼

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