Our Story

AccentsUK is a lifestyle jewellery brand consisting of curated, handmade and custom finished pieces which are a mix of Indian, fusion and everyday versatile designs.

Firstly, welcome to my online Jewellery boutique, I am so happy to have you here, I am Nikita – the creative founder of AccentsUK. Be sure to sign up with your email address so I can keep you updated on brand new launches, blogs and exciting behind the scenes fun. My passion and love for my jewellery comes from everything I have been through to get to this stage of being able to create this online space for you to feel comfortable, inspired and beautiful.

AccentsUK birthed from a horrible experience, which has shown me how you learn and grow through every experience in your life. Slowly and in my own time, I healed myself and as I became more social and attended events and parties I started dressing up a bit more and found that when I wore jewellery I connected with, be it Indian inspired or handmade dainty pieces I felt beautiful and confident.. there was a power in me I felt building up again. I felt strong…and after feeling vulnerable and anxious for so long it was such an amazing feeling that I looked forward to weddings and even just daily activities so I could dress up to any extent and adorn myself in jewellery and experience that same confident feeling again.

Everyone has their own story and everyone fights their own battles big or small in all stages of their lives. AccentsUK is about self love, care and growth. You will notice in my social media and blog posts that I encourage all of those aspects and start conversations on those topics because I know what it feels like to lose yourself and feel powerless, so, I want to help you feel beautiful, confident and supported ultimately. This is also why all of my jewellery pieces are named after Indian goddesses to remind you of that powerful beauty inside you and to bring her out.

“AccentsUK is about self love, care and growth.”

If you’re every stuck on how to style our pieces or would like a quick enjoyable read on your commute, have a look at my blog which is called “How to Accent” in which I share behind the scenes fun, events I have attended and looks that I have created with my jewellery; I love writing and sharing ideas, so I will be updating this every so often for you. The best way to keep up to date and in touch with everything AccentsUK subscribe with your email and I’ll keep you updated.

To feature on our page, hashtag #YouGoddessYou and tag us in your posts on Instagram; I love seeing how you’ve styled your pieces.

Nikita x