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Holidaying in Dubai ☀️

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re well 😊.

As you may have seen from my stories and posts on both Facebook & Instagram, I recently came back from a mini holiday to Dubai ☀️. It was the perfect break and couldn’t have come at a more fitting time for me personally; we get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we’re just running from one place to another that sometimes we just need to take a step and pause right there. Being with some of my favourite people, in a different country and with all that sunshine and heat was just 👌🏽.

And…of course, AccentsUK came with me 🙋🏽‍♀️! I genuinely love all of the collections that I have released so far this year that jewellery packing was the only part of packing I was excited to do …everything else took a lot of convincing for me to do 🙈. I took an assortment of pieces knowing that I’d be able to mix and match them with my outfits.

Our How to Accent blog space here is to inspire you on how to wear our pieces and also talk about topics that are close to AccentsUK as a brand. This post today is based around styling and will have a breakdown of a few of my looks while I was away to show what I wore, why and which earrings I paired with my outfits.

Look one:

This first look was a day look as we were going to the brunch at Saffron, Atlantis. If you haven’t been before, the brunch is basically a day party, with a DJ, unlimited food and drinks for a whole afternoon. I went for a lace green dress with ¾ length sleeves and wore flat sandals for this as I wanted to feel comfortable knowing we would be out for the afternoon. With this green dress I paired our ᛫ S a r i k a – Grey ᛫ earrings, these earrings are a custom design of mine from our Simple collection and have been best sellers from the moment they were released, and it’s easy to see why with how easily they match with so many things! So, with my hair being curled and full of volume and my dress having a high neck line I needed a pair of earrings that would be the right length but also not too overpowering as I didn’t want the lace of the dress to then blend away either or for me to look suffocated with too much going on in that region. These earrings were the perfect match as they were light to wear and really complemented the outfit.

Look two:

This was a very casual lounging look; we got back from the brunch, changed into lighter clothing and just wanted to chill on our balcony for a few hours before our evening plans. I totally forgot to take off my ᛫ S a r i k a – Grey ᛫ earrings and noticed after how nicely they matched even with the casual dress I put on.

Look three:

This late afternoon/evening we went to the Dubai Mall which has the water fountain show (-just stunning!), the aquarium and of course, Sephora! I wore red trousers with a simple white ribbed top; these trousers are actually meant to be culottes but with my height any regular fit culottes are always going to end up being wide leg trousers for me. I paired these with my ᛫ S a u m y a – Gold & Yellow ᛫ tassel earrings from my handmade Tassels collection; these are another custom designed collection. I chose this beautiful colour as it adds a nice contrast against the red and gives a bit of texture to the overall look. Another reason I took my tassel earrings with me to Dubai was to test and see how I felt wearing them in 40+ degree heat, as usually in those temperatures you feel more frustrated and want to be in the lightest things possible. However, considering their luxurious material they still felt fun and light to wear that I had no problem wearing them in that heat over a long period of time.

Look four:

This was our last night in Dubai. We went to Mina A’Salam where we took a gondola to this amazing Thai restaurant, the views while on the way to the restaurant were just stunning that I was in complete awe as you saw on my stories at the time. This evening was a celebratory evening but we also wanted to keep it comfortable and casual so I needed a look that would be balanced to fit the occasion. I opted for a cotton blue and white striped dress and paired it with our ᛫ A m b u j a ᛫ hoop earrings from our most recent Silver collection. I feel like I have said this for all of our earrings so far, but these were also so light and comfortable to wear. The size of the hoops and the detailing worked perfectly with my dress and for the evening.

If you have holiday looks with our pieces, do share them with us, I always love receiving all the beautiful pictures and also  seeing how you’ve styled your purchases.

What look was your favourite? Comment below 😊👇🏼

Year Round Tassels 🙋🏽‍♀️

Hello lovelies,

How are you? 😊

So, if you live in the UK if there is one thing we can guarantee…it is rain 🌧! We are in June now which means it is officially Summer but today has been so rainy that the Met office actually issued weather warnings of flooding! Can you believe it?! …Crazy! 🤯…Well, enough about that….because if there is another thing us British like to endlessly talk about…it’s our UK weather 😅! So with that out of my system, back to business 😎…

As you have seen and purchased (💛) we have released a new collection of Summer ᛫ Saumya ᛫ Tassel earrings in a range of 6 beautiful colours and in a choice of gold or silver! These earring parts have been sourced and handmade by me; I genuinely love the range of colours we have released- they work for day wear as well as night wear, western clothing to traditional attire and also in summer autumn winter or spring! Honestly, I say this a lot about my pieces, but they really are all rounders! I launched them end of May for summer simply because tassels are usually associated with summer with their fun vibrant colours, but today, I want to show you how you can wear them on the cloudier days too.

One of the main reasons I write these blog posts is to inspire you in ways to wear your AccentsUK purchases so your jewellery isn’t sitting in your wardrobe for months on end waiting for the perfect weather or specific outfit; I want you to be able to get wear out of your jewellery all year round ✨.

So, today’s post is brief but a quick look I want to share with you. This is how I wore our tassel earrings with warmer clothing on a cloudy London day.

Day/Night: Day look

Occasion: Breakfast date with my girlfriends 🍴

Where: Elan Café – Market Place – Central London (totally caved into going…it’s that flower wall I’ve seen all over Instagram!)

Weather: Cold! ☁️

As you can see from the images, the venue is all pretty pink and floral– for this reason I didn’t want my outfit to have any prints as it would have clashed with the floral theme of the restaurant and you have to be careful when clashing prints and colours.

For my outfit, I wanted to keep it quite casual yet trendy as the venue itself is quite eye catching, so, I wore blue ripped skinny jeans and a camel coloured ribbed polo neck jumper. The earrings I chose to pair with this outfit were the ᛫ Saumya Tassels in black and gold. Black matched my outerwear coat, and I also liked that the rich black was understated enough to complement the outfit but also dressy enough to make a classy statement with the gold attachment of it. The gold attachment of the earrings also worked well with the camel coloured jumper and the warm colours of the venue too; it all tied together quite well. 

I love all the conversations in our Instagram DM’s, so to start some more, I want to end with a couple of questions on this post..feel free to comment below 😊:

What do you think of this look?

What colour ᛫ Saumya ᛫ Tassels would you have paired with this outfit?

Show us how you’ve worn your tassels, tag us on Instagram @Accents_uk

Spring Party look 💙

Hiya everyone,

How are you? 😊

I uploaded a sneak peak of this blog post yesterday on Instagram, and I’m so excited to share this breakdown with you today on how I styled my evening outfit for my friends wedding reception.

Look: Party/Wedding reception guest look

Location: Shendish Mandor Hotel (stunning grounds and venue!)

Over the past couple of years I’ve started to experiment putting together my own fusion outfits for occasions just out of my own interest, so as soon as I got the invite to my friends reception I had an idea in my mind of my outfit….well I had a idea for one part of the outfit 😬. I had been gifted a gorgeous blue scarf from Morocco by my partner over a year ago and I’ve wanted to create a look with it for a while. As it’s a statement scarf I thought I would make the counterparts of the outfit minimal in design and looking at the work on the scarf, black would work well as the contrasting colour. I went searching on ASOS as my first point and found this longline cami with a lace slit which added just the right amount of work (it’s on sale now too! 👀). I then paired this with black leggings (you know the trusty type that let you enjoy all the food 😉💃🏽). Below I have also shown the shoes I wore, I chose these patent gold sandals as they would match with the jewellery and bring in that extra glam; this style is from Aldo.

Now on to the fun part, how I styled the jewellery 😍! From previous posts, you know that styling jewellery for me is more than just picking something gold or silver; I look at the details, the shapes, the occasion and so much more. I also make sure that the jewellery chosen complements all the elements considered instead of overpowering. As it was a friends party I wanted some glam, and with the outfit being simple in terms of no jewel work I wanted the jewellery to make a statement and to give it a bit of that bold Indian feel. Keeping these things in mind I put together a few choices on what would match with the outfit and rounded it down to the top 3 choices from my collections.

Here’s the breakdown:

Gold & Blue tassel earrings (coming soon!)

Gold & Blue tassel earrings – I loved that the blue of the tassel matched perfectly with the scarf and that the intricate gold design on the attachment gave it at Indian feel. These are part of a new collection coming soon by us, we have personally sourced and handmade this pair and a range of other colours, they will also come in choices of gold and silver.

Blue stone Tikka & Earring set (coming soon!)

Blue stone Tikka & Earring setI custom finished this set with the frosted druzy agate beads in blue and loved the Indian style of this set. This is part of a full set (coming soon) but the necklace would have overpowered this outfit so I only kept out the tikka and earrings as part of the options. The detail of the design on these earrings match with the shapes of the embroidery of the scarf which ties it together quite well. This style is part of our new collection releasing tomorrow where we can customise bead colours for you to match your outfits, we have a sneak preview of the possible bead colours at the end of this post 😁.

T a n i s i : clear stone – These earrings are the ultimate statement earrings, their sparkle is unbelievable! I loved that they popped out even more against the blue scarf and the flower style matched with parts of the design on the scarf too.

The final choice

In the end I picked the blue stone Tikka & Earring set simply because I just love the uniqueness of the blue stone 🤩.

Of course there would be a mirror picture somewhere in this post 😜.

On the night I felt amazing – exactly what I want AccentsUK jewellery to do for you too…feel like the goddess you are inside 👸🏽🙋🏽‍♀️.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this look and also if you preferred one of the other earrings choices instead – you can leave your comments at the end of this blog 👇🏼.

Now… 🥁 🥁🥁

Our new service for you!

I love being creative and also being able to give you the perfect jewellery for your occasions, and for these reasons I am starting a new range of earrings in which I can customise bead colours for you. I have sourced these stunning druzy frosted agate gemstone beads in a range of beautiful colours; they are perfect for adding that extra touch to your outfit 👌🏽. This will officially launch tomorrow where there will be a dedicated page for you to shop, but for now…here’s a sneak peak of the bead colours…just in time for the summer weddings ☀️.

Just for fun!

I thought I’d end this post with some outtakes of when I couldn’t keep a straight face while posing for pictures – I’m human too 🤷🏽‍♀️…enjoy! 😅

Your inner goddess 💛

In this post I want to share my experience of an incredible event I went to that (as I like to say) nurtured my inner goddess ✨.

In our previous blog post ‘Behind the Brand’ I explained how AccentsUK was formed to empower females. After being in a verbally abusive relationship and healing myself I’ve had a passion to help women feel beautiful, accepted and powerful, so, I created AccentsUK curating and producing my range of jewellery collections to make you feel exactly that. As the founder of AccentsUK, there are of course moments where I’m not 100% ok…I am human too, and I just want to say that it’s ok for us to admit this, we are allowed to feel down or angry sometimes; it is normal for certain situations to make us feel these emotions…it’s difficult to be confident and happy 24/7. This is exactly where Zainab comes in. Zainab Mohuiddinis an Inner Confidence Coach and a practitioner in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Re-imprinting; I met Zainab a few months ago and I was instantly attracted, not just by her wealth of knowledge but her energy is infectious and so lovely to be around too.

Beautiful Zainab Mohuiddin – Photography by Sonals

On 24th March 2019 I had the absolute pleasure of attending her first ever Mindful Mehndi day event and I just knew I wanted to share my experience with you. I booked tickets quite soon after she announced it live as I knew it would sell out (which it did!). My brother & I bought an extra ticket for my mum too and surprised her with it as a Mother’s Day present knowing that this would be a great event for her to attend.

All of the professional pictures I have included in this post were taken by the talented Sonal from Photography by Sonal’s, she was so discreet that I didn’t even know she had any pictures of me till she sent them! She really captured the essence of the day beautifully.

As there was a lot we went through I have handpicked a few of the big teachings I want to share with you in this post. The event was held at Headspace not far from Angel underground station in London. As I entered the lovely bright room, I noticed how all of the chairs were placed in one big circle with material and cushions in the middle if anyone wished to sit on the floor, the room looked neat yet inviting. After being seated, I looked around the room and everyone had smiles on their faces- all looking forward to what the day was to bring no doubt. While observing the room I felt a little overwhelm all of a sudden; I started over-thinking. I knew I trusted Zainab and her energy to keep me safe but… how are we as a group going to create a safe space with all of us individuals, are we going to be able to go deep, will everyone be sensitive to each other’s feelings and emotions? Naturally, I had all of these thoughts running through my mind at 100mph, but once we got through the first task of a group meditation and introducing ourselves, all of those thoughts disappeared almost instantly. To be able to hear exactly in detail why each lady bought her ticket was amazing; although we’re all in different stages of our lives we were able to relate to one another and form this unexplainable bond.

After the initial introduction and getting to know each other, Zainab started explaining how EFT (emotional freedom technique) works and we did an exercise on how to identify emotions and give them colours and shapes to really visualise them. This technique involves tapping through energy points to unblock them and lessen their intensity, which we all did a round of together. (Definitely follow Zainab’s Facebook and Instagram pages as she probably explains this technique a lot better with the science behind it.) It was an insightful exercise though as initially we couldn’t think of visualising an emotion and giving it a colour until Zainab put us in a real scenario and when focused we managed to.

After this we had a break and were treated to the most delicious vegan snacks made by Kajal from Kajal’s Healthy Kitchen, honestly, everything tasted so so good. My favourite were her vegan chocolate brownies, I haven’t stopped talking about them to everyone I have met since!

Coming back from our break we got straight back in with Zainab talking us through frustration and anger, it was such a breath of fresh air to be told that it is ok to be angry and that you can’t be positive 100% of the time, as I resonate with this a lot. I am aware of my emotions and it should be ok for me to be angry or even upset sometimes; we are all human! What was great here was that she taught us a range of practices to release this anger; and we were given the chance to test them out! It was a bit uncomfortable initially but once you block out everyone from the room and close your eyes, this works! The only reason I found it uncomfortable was simply because as a person I’m not a publicly dance-y, loud person so closing my eyes was just how I was able to focus to make sure I made the most of this exercise and I am really glad I did.

Here’s Zainab in action demonstrating one of the anger release techniques

Her techniques here involved stomping, screaming, punching cushions plus others, all of these methods use a lot of physical energy. We were all out of breath at the end of this- which was amazing because we felt great after releasing all of this pent up frustration in us! I felt the difference straight away.

Throughout the day in our breaks and at lunch time we had the lovely Tanya Vyas from The Henna Boutique giving us mini mindful mehndi sessions, I love the look of mehndi and have seen Tanya’s floral designs prior to this event too so I had already planned where I wanted my design! During this beautiful experience Tanya asked us to really focus on the smell, the cool feeling and texture of the mehndi getting designed. I asked for a small design on the side of my hand, and just focusing on the actual experience was so relaxing; it’s amazing how you change an experience completely by focusing on it differently.

My mindful mehndi session with Tanya

After lunch was one of my favourite parts of the day! Zainab created this exercise called ‘Accept & Listen’ where we share our deepest thoughts with a partner. She demonstrated this first and then asked us to get into a pair with someone who we haven’t spoken to before, it was lovely to be in an open loving environment where every one was happy to pair up and open up. We took turns to place our palms face down on theirs, looking directly at each other and saying “I don’t want you to know this but…” and you finish the sentence with something that you wouldn’t usually think of saying out loud, and in response your partner listening breathes a sigh of release after you’ve finished your sentence. I opened up and shared things I have never expressed verbally, it felt amazing to say these things out loud to someone that just accepted what I said without judgement and in turn just listened without interrupting; there was a new found comfort and liberation I found in this silence and method of sharing. This is one technique I would genuinely advise everyone to learn and practice and bring into your relationship/s; I would personally love to as well for the bond and trust it creates.

The last big exercise of the day was the ecstatic dance, my god…I was dreading this! For someone who’s not a natural born dancer (a Beyonce in my mind though 🙋🏽‍♀️💃🏽) and who uses her trusty two-step move with all genre’s of music, I was definitely terrified, I even spoke to Zainab about it before the event! BUT! It wasn’t bad at all, Zainab played a range of different music (with no lyrics) and I felt ok and quite relaxed actually closing my eyes and letting my body sway how it wanted to. We also got in small groups and made a ‘group move’ without using any words to communicate which was really interesting as you really see how gestures and movements are a form of communication…it turned out to be quite freeing.

We naturally ended with a group meditation and reflection on the day as a group. My mum & I left this event on such a high! Being in the presence of such amazing women who were just loving and accepting and open was incredible. This event is definitely one worth going to, it’s expanded my mind and given me techniques I can use easily on a daily basis. My mum thoroughly enjoyed it and said it was the best Mother’s Day present to date and has been thanking me ever since! ✨

A selfie of me and my mum after when we got home – all smiles!

Awards evening look 🏆

I’m going to firstly talk about the SHE Awards evening and then about how I styled my look. I add links to everyones pages I mention on here so just click on their name and you will be taken to their social media/website.

The SHE- Awards Saluting, Honouring, Excellence…an incredible event created by Sharifa & Imdad Basit.

Just look at that stunning ombre flower wall!

This event is to celebrate the achievements of women and what better time than to have it on the International Women’s Day weekend. I was very excited to attend this event as I knew I would be in the energy of amazing inspiring women. The awards took place at The Grove Banqueting in Romford RM3, when I walked in to the venue I was stunned! The whole set up was beautiful; the decor was pink of course with soft florals everywhere, I especially loved the flower wall on the stage, this was all created by the amazing events team Sapphire London Group. Once everyone was seated it was show-time, the awards ceremony started!

Of course id sneak a picture of my name on screen!

I would just like to take a moment to congratulate all of the winners and the nominees, you are all amazing and I learnt about so many new businesses and people on the night, honestly it was so inspiring. I was actually a finalist in the Remarkable Woman category, which was an insane achievement in itself for me. I have never put myself forward for anything, but I told myself 2019 would be different.. I would step outside of my comfort zone and do things that scared me, and I did, and I would like to thank the SHE Awards for making me a finalist.

After the Awards Ceremony, dinner was served by Sultan Event Caterers, they provided a balanced mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with just the right amount of spice 👌🏽. We were then entertained by the super talented Navin Kundra, his performance has been one of the best I have seen in a while; he has an amazing voicehave a listen to his Hindi cover version of Perfect by Ed Sheeran (you will see what I mean!). He was accompanied by his also very talented and stunning wife Jasmine Kundra who gave out a selection of the awards on the night (power couple!💛), you must recognise her from being a candidate in The Apprentice 2018! After Navin Kundra’s performance we had the Radhika Maya dancers in red which entertained everyone with their amazing moves and energy 🤩! I have to admit, I’m not a dancer and had to shuffle back later on when ladies were being taken on stage…my two-step move is definitely one to only be enjoyed hiding within a (big) crowd 😅. Overall, this was a great event and it was great to meet so many incredible women! I’m already looking forward to the next SHE-Awards! I’m looking forward to

My look for the evening 👗

I uploaded a picture the other day on Instagram of my look. I chose to go with a green dress; I love this shade of green and the subtle floral print. When searching for a dress, I wanted something dark as I like those shades for evening events, but I also wanted to make sure it was something comfortable and also light. I ordered about 10 dresses, and then settled for this from ASOS by GIRL IN MIND . The material was good quality and easy to iron, the fit was perfect, and it also worked well with my body shape as the flare sleeves and waist tailoring balance out my pear shape; I instantly felt comfortable. In terms of accessories I knew I was going to wear AccentsUK earrings, but I would pick those after I had found a dress. I know that when curating my collections, I have made sure that they are fusion and multi wearable so you don’t only buy a pair of earrings to match one outfit, but one that can match a few and different outfits so I knew I would easily be able to find a pair of earrings that would match.

A close up of the dress in daylight to see the material.

If you’ve read a previous styling blog post of mine, you know that when I style AccentsUK with outfits there is a lot of thought behind everything! Firstly, I take a note of the type of event and the make-up look I want to go for, then I match accordingly. Out of my Glam collection, I wore V a a n i – green; I love their length, they give me the right amount of sparkle as the dress was high neck and plain in terms of design. Their leaf-like design matches perfectly with the floral print on my dress without taking over and the green stone complements the green of the dress and goes well with my smokey eye make-up look I went for that evening.

Another pair of earrings that would have given the green and worked well would be T a n i s i – green. Alternatively, if I was to wear this dress for a casual dinner party and wanted a subtler look, I would pair it with the S a r i k a • – gold earrings.

I’d love to know your thoughts on my look and would love your suggestions on any other pieces from my collection/s you think would have worked too.