Your Gifting Guide

We have created this page to give you the perfect selection of gifts whether it’s for yourself, a loved one or a Secret Santa this Christmas. All of our jewellery comes beautifully gift boxed free of charge. 

For... The Fashionista


These REVA – Statement Earrings in this embossed style are totally on trend right now and it’s no wonder with them being so light to wear! Your fashionista friend will love you for these! My favourite are the rose gold, but they are also available in gold and silver too.

For...The Work Xmas Party

IMG_20191109_133503 (1)

December is full of Christmas parties, and the one that everyones usually talking about is the work one, and what better way to make your statement than with these gorgeous champagne coloured stone earrings; ooze all the glam this season with the SIYA – Statement Earrings.

For...The Stud Lover


We all have that friend/family member that loves her stud earrings, so why not gift her exactly what she loves? You might even be that person, treat yourself while you’re here too! These SAANVI – Black Stone studs can be worn in the day time to work and also on an evening out, and are available in green and blue stone versions too.

For... The Traditional Lady


If you’re looking for something with more of an Indian traditional twist, we have a range of exclusive ADYA – Brooches that look beautiful attached to a saree, add that touch of glamour instead of a regular safety pin next Wedding Season.

For... Everyone


These SAADHVI – Bracelets sold out so quickly the first time round and it’s because they’re so wearable with their simple design and elegant sparkle. We’re so happy to have them again for you especially for Christmas, gift your loved one or even surprise your Secret Santa with a gift they will want to actually keep!

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